Rui Chen
Research interests:Neurofeedback

I’m waving through a window


Currently working on applied functional near infrared spectroscopic neurofeedback to treat ADHD.


2016-date Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University. Basic Psychology.
2012-2016 Department of Education, Guangxi University. Applied Psychology.


杨琛, 王雅琳, 陈睿, 徐明津, 黄霞妮, & 杨新国. (2015). 催眠诱导方式与时间对大学生积极情绪的影响. 中国健康心理学杂志(7), 1088-1091.
Rui Chen, Danni Peng Li, Ofir Turel et al. Decision making deficits in relation to food cues influence obesity: A triadic neural model of problematic eating[J]. Frontiers, Accepted.
李玉华, 陈睿, 何清华. 功能性近红外光谱技术在社会互动脑机制研究中的应用[J]. 心理科学, 2018(2):305-311