data_IGT exp-BBR2019:IGT data from 30 participants

Data Introduction

  1. We collected the data from 30 participants (i.e., sub002-sub031 in the folder “results_raw data”. Note that “sub001” was used to mark an assistant who helped us test the IGT program in advance, but the assistant was not part of our experimental participants and his data was not presented in our result folder).
  2. For each participant, the raw data contains three parts: behavioral data (from completing IGT task), fNIRS data (from fNIRS recording), location data (from 3D Patriot Digitizer).
  3. In the folder “IGT_experimental procedure”, IGT.m is a formal experiment running script. Note that the script contains command statements to trigger fNIRS equipment, to start fNIRS recording, and to stop fNIRS recording, and you need to make corresponding changes according to different device models. If you want to run the experiment program without connecting to the fNIRS device, please delete these extra command statements before running the script.