data_IAD resting_EEG-2024:IAD data from 46 participants

Data Introduction

  1. The database included 5-minute resting-state EEG raw data (from EEG recording, in folder EEG_resting_IAD and folder EEG_resting_NC) from the Internet addiction group and the normal control group and the total IA score as well as the subdimension scores (from completing CIAS-R, in xlsx file IA score.) of these two groups. There were 23 participants in each group.
  2. Specific questionnaire to collect and EEG record information please refer to the Qi (2022) published in the literature: Qi, Y., Liu, Y., Yan, Z., Hu, S., Zhang, X., Zhao, J., … & He, Q. (2022). Slow-wave EEG activity correlates with impaired inhibitory control in internet addiction disorder. International journal of environmental research and public health19(5), 2686.
  3. Special note: The resting EEG data was to prompt the subjects to start recording after resting, so there was no marker, and the user could directly extract the EEG data for 5 minutes.